Roll down shutters are our specialty. They are by far the most convenient of all the storm shutter products. Roll up Shutters can be manually operated, or motorized. Both types of hurricane shutters can operate from inside the home. The motorized roll down shutter can be remote controlled, or operated by hard wired switches. We prefer the crank handle over the straps to manually operate the shutters as our roll down shutter is quite heavy, and the straps tend to break. Please keep in mind that it is not reasonable to install a hurricane roll down shutter without a motor past approx. 70 #. Most companies install roll down shutters in the common traditional manner as seen all over your neighborhood, with tracks beside each opening and housings above in plain site. The color varies as well as the quality, but most appear to be very similar. We are very competitive in this market. But we have taken it way further than any of our competitors. We can usually hide the rolls into the soffits and overhangs over windows and even lanais. We can make tracks appear just like a concrete column, wood post, of band beside the window. We artfully apply by hand, an acrylic product to match virtually any stucco texture. Then we paint it to match your home. Our finish work is second to none in this industry. Our roll down shutter systems can be completely hidden until deployed. ​

​Roll Down Shutters

​There have been 488 hurricanes that have impacted Florida. More than any other state. Only 18 years have passed without a recorded storm effecting the state since 1851.